Hello Friends!

This is our first pre-post for notrecloset page.

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed and Happy New Year: hope you all lived the last 2013 days in peace, craziness and a blast! Let 2014 begin with Happiness, success and prosperity!

Cover page finally open, Welcome to notrecloset! 🙂

My twin sister and me were planning a long time ago our common project: A fashion blog. Finally it’s seeing the light soon. We are really excited to share it with everyone, with different bloggers, Fashionistas and whoever is interested in style, fashion tips, photography and travel.

The choice of the name wasn’t a real constraint. We wanted to imply “we” and “cloth + accessories + fashion” in the same name. The final result was “notrecloset” explaining perfectly our theme and direction.

So, as you all know opening a blog isn’t an easy procedure. We were preparing ourselves for several months, watching and following a lot of multidiscipline bloggers. Our gorgeous blogger-friend Maya Shokor, encouraged us the most. Of course we might collaborate on future projects:)

There is always a concept after each work; we are working hard to make our blog an amazing space where anyone can find his own self in. We would love to hear from you and will be waiting impatiently for your comments, feedback and shares.

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