Maxi Black marathon POST #1

shot 1shot 2

Morning from Faraya !

This week we’ ll be showing you our “black dress” en mode collection!

Light-colored frame highlighting the black outfit; it’s a sunny weather following the snowstorm drawing a beautiful white panoramic background. It was freezing but really fun! Loads of thanks for the people who came with us to make this photo session an amazing memory to keep!

Which outfit do you like the most? Which one suits you best?

Post #1


Today we‘re sharing the first outfit pics of the black dress marathon.

Transparent sections that show bits and parts of the body made this long dress astonishing. They are simple and display some details of the body that make the dress even more fascinating, and well… sexy!

Black heals-boots always go with any dark outfit you choose.

We are in love with the blue/golden necklace we bought from H&M before Christmas and it really gives a royal look to the whole outfit.

So ladies, hair-in-the-air or hair in a tight chignon, it’s for you to decide; and don’t forget accessories accessories!


Dress – H&M , Neckless – H&M , Ankle boots – H&M , Ears headband – H&M , Lipstick – Rimmel 120 Cutting Edge


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