Cotton and Candy

1Caroussel, roller coaster, cotton candy … kids, laugh, FUN. Great ambiance?  Well yes … The amusement park!

Last week, after road tripping to Kfardeyan, we passed by Dream Park checking out the place for some cool backgrounds to shoot.

Perfect combination of colors, amazing mood and sweet cotton candy created the cutest compositions.

The studded dark blue coat and the Tom Ford sunglasses produced an irresistible classy look for this outfit. High heels and leather pants underlining feminism and so, highlighting the light blue shirt. The 3-layers necklace leaves a powerful touch to memorize the ensemble.

We added our yellow clutch to brighten up the outfit!

you can use flats instead of heels, but they should be interesting:  shape or color (you can use bright yellow colors for example). The leather pants can be replaced with skinny classy jeans or pants (preferably with no extra color – dark monochromatic will go perfectly)

Not that into accessories? Now it’s TIME to Get them all out of your closet 😉

30 28 8 3 7 27 2219 2 4 5 24 26 20 13 1625 23 1729 11 10Coat– Zara , Blouse – H&M , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Leather pants – H&M , Heels – H&M , Necklace – Accessorize , Clutch – H&M


    1. Thank u for ur like 🙂
      So for the pictures, u only change the image size in photoshop. I put 682 pixels for width and it converts the height automatically . So gd luck 😀


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