Blue mood

IMG_8217Happy Friday everyone 🙂 And YES a very hard week has finally passed full of achievements :))) So we’re very happy and so excited about next week’s projects 🙂

Everyone has a place to relax , to think and just ease the mind… One of our preferred places is Zaytouna Bay.To stay in harmony with the ambiance and mood, we opted for pastel colors: baby blue for all the outfit! Not to remain all invisibly “pastel”, we added a touch of color by putting on some red lipstick Rimmel by kate Moss 107.

Bright colors or pastel palette, it’s for you to choose! but don’t forget, every outfit, even the light colored ones need some accent and accessories. Advise: always experiment! try try TRY everything on you … it s about practice not only theory  😉

IMG_8202IMG_8196IMG_8125IMG_8159IMG_8149IMG_8178IMG_8171IMG_8120IMG_8156IMG_8205IMG_8211IMG_8218IMG_8200IMG_8130IMG_8168IMG_8164IMG_8179IMG_8236IMG_8205Coat – TOPSHOP , Jeans – Bershka , Top – TOPSHOP , Sneakers – Bershka , Bag – DKNY , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Necklace – Accessorize , Made by notrecloset (zig zag necklace ).


All about legs selfies :)

5Legs legs legs … you always asked why we took so many photos of them?

Well, they are the perfect pics to show the combination of the top, the bottom (jeans/pants/shorts/skirts) and the shoes. It is one of the shots that take those details all together and show a great view of the outfit . IT IS HOW WE SEE IT FROM ABOVE 😉

So ladies, don’t be shy, have always confidence that you look AMAZING !

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Rock the Black !!!


Halfway to the weekend and now you can begin planning;)

We already did 😉

Today’s post is a small summery of our last Sunday morning. We decided to show a simple black outfit. By using leo prints and leather texture we went from simple to extravagant. And voila! Our outfit looks more edgy and rocking. The transparent top – which is always present in our closet, adds feminism to the whole costume. The colors are dark but the squares pattern on the top adds more dynamism and breaks the “boring side” of the black. Do not forget the shiny accessories or long pendants to turn the looks from the transparent top… but not really 😉 Heels or no heels, it’s for you to decide.

Happy Wednesday everyone … and don’t forget prints and textures are a la mode in this season. Only a good combination would make your outfit shine!IMG_0868 IMG_0845 IMG_0985 IMG_0928 IMG_0910 IMG_0796 IMG_0810 IMG_0938 IMG_0848 IMG_0854 IMG_0945 IMG_0826 IMG_0858 IMG_0817 IMG_1015Leather pants – H&M, Shirt – H&M , Leather jacket – H&M , Boots – H&M , Necklace – Accessorize , Leo Bag – Stradivarius , Rings – Pandora, H&M


Experimenting INGLOT :)

fcdg Dear ladies, great news for you: Inglot is now open in Hamra! So, if you have a half hour to spare and you were in that area of Beirut, do not forget to pass by;)
You will definitely find your own brush – for eyes, blush or foundation, Awesome cosmetics and a huge range of colors and textures! We are happy to present you our first purchase: IMG_0774 IMG_0782

6SS made from squirrel substitute and features a wooden handle, is a typical domed blending brush; it applies colors amazingly on the eyelid. We really loved this brush because it has a perfect dome shape and it s pretty dense; it feels so fabulous and soft!!! It helps blending things out nicely. We like to use it to apply highlighting powder just above the cheekbone for good pop-out cheeks. This works better and gives it a more blended, non-streaky look. It’s a very nice brush, we recommend it for sure 🙂

27TG Duo Fiber brush has a flat top which helps to buffer the foundation .we use this brush to apply mostly liquid foundation , it s dense and soft enough to be able to blend the foundation out and give it the air brush effect. We also use it to apply creamy highlighter and blend it. It’s big so it covers large areas at one time and gives a perfect smooth coverage. We found out that we actually consume less of the products when we use our fingers. Voila, in love with this brush.

IMG_0740 IMG_0772 Untitled-1 Lipstick 415  Matte moisturising formula with Vitamin E, avocado oil, macadamia oil. We are amazed that Inglot had created so many different colors and finishes! Our favorite thing about these is the packaging though- very sleek and clean looking. The quality is very comparable to MAC- glides easily, richly pigmented, and last a long time. The matte finish is perfect, not too drying. If you want a fantastic matte try these out! You wont regret it.IMG_0749 IMG_0752Face Blush 20 Vitamin E, sponge gourd oil and treated pigments allow this very fine textured blush to blend and adhere to all skin types to enhance the natural glow of the face. Such a beautiful cool pink tone! It is super pigmented so you just tap your blush brush in the product and that’s all you need! It lasts all day on you. It is so smooth and beautiful!!! The blush blends very easily and gives a great rosy glow to your cheeks!

Blazer LOVE 3 : Denim Overall

IMG_0455Hello amigos!

Weekend has ended and Monday is here: are u ready for new beginnings, new challenges and new achievements? We definitely are! 😀

By today we are closing our “White Blazer Love” trilogy; for the third combination, we picked an all denim outfit, pairing the white blazer with a jeans overall that we had in our closet since forever. It s never too much denim :p

The look is simple without the buzz of accessories and bags, to keep it comfy, sporty and light. But still it can go very well with any shirt or a basic V-neck or a sweater underneath.

NOT SURE if overalls are your thing? We recommend u to go for it and try one with a classic cut 🙂 WE ASSURE YOU IT WILL FIT EVERYBODY and every SHAPE 😉 dare to try!!!! 😀

IMG_0317 IMG_0340 IMG_0491 IMG_0360 IMG_0383 IMG_0498 IMG_0495 IMG_0467 IMG_0493 IMG_0476 IMG_0452 IMG_0411 IMG_0388 IMG_0356 IMG_0430Overall – MORGAN , Blazer – VERO MODA , Sneakers – Bershka , Necklace – Centro Russia , Iphone cover – H&M

Blazer LOVE 2 : ‘head to toe’ white


GOOD MORNIING !!!! Hope y’all excited for the weekend like myself….

Today’s outfit is an all-white outfit that is very stylish and trendy in the winter.

How to pull off the look ? Simply, layer a white jacket over a white top and pants, and pair it with sneakers and you’ll create a relaxed and casual look. We didn’t use any accessories or bags just to keep the whole look simple and sport-chic !

So don’t be afraid of the pure white ‘head to toe’ outfit….

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend 🙂

Catch y’all tomorrow :*

IMG_0580 IMG_0656 IMG_0677IMG_0683 IMG_0714 IMG_0625 IMG_0621 IMG_0726 IMG_0648 IMG_0654 IMG_0712 IMG_0692 IMG_0663Blouse – H&M , Blazer – VERO MODA , Jeans – Pull & Bear , Wedges -Bershka

Blazer LOVE 1 : BW Chic

IMG_0176Good morning Beautiful Ladies,

As we promised you, we will begin our posts about the different ways you can enjoy wearing your blazers! We are so excited about it 😀

Here is the first look we picked for you : the so loved little black dress that every girl must own!!

So assorted with the white blazer, a black dress could become a perfect casual outfit for a day time rendez-vous ; at the office, lunch date , formal event… And then it could be transformed into a sexy but yet chic look for your magical night outing . So dare to experiment…And don’t forget to accessories your different outfits! Stay tuned for more tips…Ciao for now 😉

IMG_0147 yy IMG_0248 IMG_0277 IMG_0220 IMG_0133 IMG_0130 IMG_0189 IMG_0230 IMG_0290 IMG_0212 IMG_0204 IMG_0310 IMG_0258 IMG_0245 IMG_0260Dress – H&M , Blazer – VERO MODA , Heels – Centro Russia , Necklace – Centro Russia , Clutch – In City


White Blazer we choose you

blazersHello Fellas! Hope you’re doing great! Today we present to you our new project: Piece of the Week.  We will show you how with one item you can create lots of different outfits and combinations: from casual to classy.

Item of this week: white BLAZER.

At first sight, you can see that this blazer is just CHIC. How to create different styles with it and how to integrate it with different colors and texture? Answers to come … stay tuned 🙂

uytr rtBlazer – VERO MODA