Cat Ears … love it

8It is raining finally in Beirut! It’s great coz we’re receiving some winter vibes now. From another side it’s a bit sad coz it will be a bit difficult to make new photo sessions! But it’s OUR challenge!

To make your day warmer, we chose for you today this post: Cat Ears … love it 

Nothing beats a silent walk on a Sunday near the beach.

You can wear simple skinny denim, and a dark textured sweater on top of a transparent and light shirt. This look will make you casual and classy at the same time.  Simple flats are the best for such walks. Don’t forget your big bag and the accessories to bound the layered top and make the overall outfit as ONE.

The Cat-Hat is the crown of the outfit! It really adds an exclusive look and accentuates the free style of the ensemble. As we always advise you, DARE TO WEAR HATS GIRLS! 😀712921064513Jeans – Bershka , Blouse – H&M , Sweater – Vero Moda , Necklace – Top Shop , Flats – Centro Russia , Hat -Zara , Sunglasses – H&M


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