MNYLevant gift products

IMG_9735Hello from Beirut! It is Friday and everyone is excited about the weekend. Us too! We are preparing some new photo sessions and ideas for you! So stay tuned

For today, we want to thank MAYBELLINE @MNYLEVANT for its awesome gift products. We tried them all and you know what? They are just WONDERFUL.IMG_9767

– The eyeliner

We love this eyeliner because it’s sooo creamy and applies fabulously. You can smudge it, but once it’s set, it’s set, and you are not getting it off until you wash your face! The colors are intense and the palette goes with everything you wear!IMG_9763 IMG_9776

– The compact powder

Maybeline presents one of the most effective powders. It takes away the shine, and doesn’t irritate the skin. Just the one we need 😉IMG_9815 IMG_9818

– The lipstick

This selection of lipstick has true naked pigments for honest flesh tone colors. They are applicable for everyday use, to underline the beauty of your lips and not to show it with extravagance! To make the opposite, apply the neon red 916IMG_9808 IMG_9787 IMG_9785 IMG_9780 IMG_9778 IMG_9769

– Nail lacquer 

The color in deep violet is the official Nail color of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York!

The red one is always en vogue! This color with the little sparkling effect will add life, passion and energy to your looks.

It has an Easy-flow brush and the color is BEAUTIFUL.IMG_9799

Thank you MNYLEVANT again for sharing with us your goodies! 😀IMG_9730 IMG_9695

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