Denim fever


Good morning everyone! We missed you 😦 but we were really busy those couples of days: work, big presentations … BIG EXPECTATIONS! 😉

Thank you all for the great feedback we are getting and as we promised, we we have a new “MAN” post . ARE YOU READY? Here we go 😀

The best outfit for a casual look is the denim color and material. In other words: jeans! You can combine pants and jacket and you will never get “too-much” jeans in an ensemble! Use converse to underline simplicity and coolness … sunglasses, bag across the shoulder and VOILA! ready for everything 😉

IMG_9441 IMG_9437 IMG_9485 IMG_9462 IMG_9419 IMG_9505 IMG_9447 IMG_9483 IMG_9453 IMG_9466 IMG_9456 IMG_9470 IMG_9464Jeans – Moustache , Sweater – Bershka , Chemise – Zara , Bag – Antonio Banderas , Converse – Converse

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