Maxi skirt

IMG_0057Finally our long skirt is out. What to wear in a non-stop-changing-weather? It is cold and warm in the same time! The best outfit for that is the long skirt! Pastel colors were chosen for this post.

Transparent light top underlines the feminine side and makes the outfit charming and sexy.

For more preservative events, you can wear a black body under it. Nothing will change 🙂

Light makeup and hair-in-the-air style goes in harmony with this ensemble.

Dare to wear long skirts, they make your silhouette more feminine, taller and just amazing … Create some mystery 😉

IMG_0026 IMG_9980 IMG_0087 IMG_0069 IMG_0065 IMG_9999 IMG_9961 IMG_9949 IMG_0122 IMG_0121 IMG_0120 IMG_0037 IMG_9972 IMG_0050 IMG_0060Skirt – Pull & Bear , Shirt – H&M , Bag – DKNY , Necklace – H&M , Bra – H&M.

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