Blazer LOVE 3 : Denim Overall

IMG_0455Hello amigos!

Weekend has ended and Monday is here: are u ready for new beginnings, new challenges and new achievements? We definitely are! 😀

By today we are closing our “White Blazer Love” trilogy; for the third combination, we picked an all denim outfit, pairing the white blazer with a jeans overall that we had in our closet since forever. It s never too much denim :p

The look is simple without the buzz of accessories and bags, to keep it comfy, sporty and light. But still it can go very well with any shirt or a basic V-neck or a sweater underneath.

NOT SURE if overalls are your thing? We recommend u to go for it and try one with a classic cut 🙂 WE ASSURE YOU IT WILL FIT EVERYBODY and every SHAPE 😉 dare to try!!!! 😀

IMG_0317 IMG_0340 IMG_0491 IMG_0360 IMG_0383 IMG_0498 IMG_0495 IMG_0467 IMG_0493 IMG_0476 IMG_0452 IMG_0411 IMG_0388 IMG_0356 IMG_0430Overall – MORGAN , Blazer – VERO MODA , Sneakers – Bershka , Necklace – Centro Russia , Iphone cover – H&M


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