Rock the Black !!!


Halfway to the weekend and now you can begin planning;)

We already did 😉

Today’s post is a small summery of our last Sunday morning. We decided to show a simple black outfit. By using leo prints and leather texture we went from simple to extravagant. And voila! Our outfit looks more edgy and rocking. The transparent top – which is always present in our closet, adds feminism to the whole costume. The colors are dark but the squares pattern on the top adds more dynamism and breaks the “boring side” of the black. Do not forget the shiny accessories or long pendants to turn the looks from the transparent top… but not really 😉 Heels or no heels, it’s for you to decide.

Happy Wednesday everyone … and don’t forget prints and textures are a la mode in this season. Only a good combination would make your outfit shine!IMG_0868 IMG_0845 IMG_0985 IMG_0928 IMG_0910 IMG_0796 IMG_0810 IMG_0938 IMG_0848 IMG_0854 IMG_0945 IMG_0826 IMG_0858 IMG_0817 IMG_1015Leather pants – H&M, Shirt – H&M , Leather jacket – H&M , Boots – H&M , Necklace – Accessorize , Leo Bag – Stradivarius , Rings – Pandora, H&M


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