RED Checkered pants

IMG_1349Hello Eveyone!!!
Happy Ash Monday:)
The weekend was amazing we had a wedding and spent all sunday shopping πŸ˜€ we hardly found time for our new photoshoot but we DID IT ! (Proud:p)
For today we picked an lovely special outfit: red (en carreux) pants. These sorts of textures were always en mode everywhere! From squared skirts to shorts, shirts and pants! they go perfectly with classy style and with the casual as well!
The red, combined to light green colors make the perfect MATCH: nothing to lose πŸ˜‰
jacket or blazer it doesn’t matter, you just need to be careful to find the classy one to underline the style you chose.
the golden bag and the same-material necklace, make this outfit glow: check by yourselves ! πŸ˜‰
we oped for a pony-tail hair style. the serious look πŸ˜‰
finally, this outfit goes perfectly with heals! so ladies … one more chance to get out your beautiful “skarbineh” and show your long legs πŸ˜‰
IMG_1577 IMG_1558 IMG_1515 IMG_1554 IMG_1294 IMG_1414 IMG_1291 IMG_1477 IMG_1475 IMG_1618 IMG_1315 IMG_1302 IMG_1338 IMG_1394 IMG_1377 IMG_1410 IMG_1379 IMG_1421Pants – ZARA , Boots – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Jacket – H&M , Sunglasses – Aldo , Bag – Faces , Necklace – Accessorize


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