Chic Black

IMG_8533GOOD MORNING MARCH 5th ! Yesterday was our birthday and it was AWESOME ! thank you everyone for your sweet thoughtful wishes and gifts. We are really happy to have you in our lives :*
Today’s outfit: black and white theme
We chose the classy black and white and tried to experiment by combining a light skirt with a big fluffy sweater.
The result was amazing so we had to make a photoshoot out of it.
it s recommended to wear heals with this outfit, (medium to hight heels) to minimize the effect of any large item and emphasize only the sweater.
Don’t forget to add your accessories and voila … ready for an amazing brunch …
ps: Smile 😉
IMG_8609 IMG_8643 IMG_8547 IMG_8635 IMG_8632 IMG_8639 IMG_8676 IMG_8941 IMG_8687IMG_8669 IMG_8560 IMG_8664IMG_8658 IMG_8660 IMG_8674 IMG_8681Skirt – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Sweater – Vero Moda , Heels – Centro Russia


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