Get out your coats again … winter is BACK ;)‏

IMG_8810Welcome back WINTER!

Come on Ladies, it s time to bring out your coats and boots again! It’s raining hardly and it’s cold: so the best outfit for such weather is denim combinations and a heavy coat to make it warm. We prefer heals making the ensemble more feminine, plus it will prevent from stepping into water flacks and get your feet all wet! 😀 Because the outfit has a dark palette, we break the harmony and used a bright orange geometrical bag. It goes perfect with any monochromatic outfit plus it s water repellent which makes an amazing winter-piece out of it !  “Hair in the air” style is the best used for such combinations, it makes you look light and fresh 😉

HAVE A NICE MONDAY EVERYONE, and don’t forget your umbrellas 😉

IMG_8782 IMG_8869 IMG_8863 IMG_8805 IMG_8812 IMG_8903 IMG_8792 IMG_8876 IMG_8855 IMG_8846 IMG_8910 IMG_8918 IMG_8925Jeans – Bershka , Denim blouse – H&M , Coat – Pull & Bear , Bag – Zara , Heels – H&M , Necklace – H&M


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