A soft spring tale

IMG_2419 We can smell the week end … it s near!

We’ve got addicted to the ripped jeans a while ago and, as you can see, our past posts were reserved for them 😉 Well, why not? There’s something rugged and sexy about ripped jeans, especially when someone can carry it off the right way. The history of ripped jeans dates back to the bands of the 1960s and 70s, like The Ramones, who were the first celebrities to wear them. While this caught on as a fad, it didn’t make its way to the fashion runways. Instead, it became popular with the whole cliche of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, which was the motto of the 70s child. We wear ripped jeans for casual outfits: It is very comfortable and also has a very edgy feel to it. While a normal pair of jeans may look plain, a pair of ripped jeans can add wonders to your look. With a touch of an elegant shirt and the perfect accessories, the casual look can be transformed into a more chic one.

Remember that ripped jeans means comfort, freedom and craziness – it s all about attitude!

IMG_2291 IMG_2389 IMG_2407 IMG_2369 IMG_2328 IMG_2343 IMG_2363 IMG_2318 IMG_2337 IMG_2348 IMG_2344 IMG_2421 IMG_2378Jeans – Pull&Bear , Shirt – H&M , Shoes – Zara , Eyeglasses – RayBan , Necklace – Accessorize



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