Fancy whites

IMG_3697Happy Easter Amigos! Let this holiday bring joy and fashionable happiness to all of you and your families!

What is the best color that goes with Easter?  WHITE!  We decided to show you that it has never been ” too much-white” in an outfit 😀 For this combination we voted for a wrapped shorts, a white blouse and a simple blazer. White wrapped shorts will maintain balance dividing the white top and the nude button (finishing with nude heals) The white blazer plays the role of an accessory  and can be just hold.  Play with the sunglasses, make them big, round and extraordinary. small bag on the side will show how light is the whole ensemble.  Now hands on hips … move girl … you ROCK

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_3672 IMG_3718 IMG_3759 IMG_3680 IMG_3674 IMG_3753 IMG_3747 IMG_3681 IMG_3762 IMG_3726IMG_3767 IMG_3748 Wrapped shorts – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Blazer – VERO MODA , Clutch – H&M , Heels – Centro Russia , Sunglasses – H&M


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