Powder pink breeze

IMG_6190 copyGood morning amigos, it’s finally Friday 😀

Summer is all about light colors, going from pink to blue to green and especially the white – so seen  in most of the looks on the runways  !!! So get ready to see a ton of pastels because it’s the ” it ” shade of the season that is dominating the spring/summer fashion trends. We chose the powder pink dress to begin the sunny day with a lot of energy and optimism. Pair it with black belt and heels to add the edgy touch to the look !!! And here it is, a very feminine outfit that you can easily wear for a lot of occasions this summer 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6170 copyIMG_6235 copyIMG_6191 copyIMG_6176 copyIMG_6181 copyIMG_6223 copyIMG_6213 copyIMG_6217 copyIMG_6230 copyIMG_6187 copyIMG_6197 copyIMG_6210 copyIMG_6222 copy  Dress – H&M , Belt – H&M , Heels – H&M


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