GS outfit 1 : White ripped jeans


As mentioned before, We are collaborating with GS and as promised, each week we are posting one challenge under the title of “notrecloset ❤ GS”
For our #1 outfit:
The destination: brunch with the girls!
The item: white ripped jeans!

We created two styles: one sportive and the other glamorous.
We want to show you that it’s not the clothes who define the style, it’s how you wear it and with what u layer and combine it!
Ripped white jeans go perfectly with an elegant white blouse and a white blazer. The “all-white” outfit underlines the freshness and erases the casual look of the jeans to show an amazing feminine side.
Also ripped Jeans can go perfectly with a casual and colorful outfit. If one item is white, doesn’t mean you must go “monochromatic”. Use colors, combine materials and layer the items! don’t forget our beloved bronx 😉
Still not convinced? stay tuned for other experiments in our notrecloset ❤ GS themes 😀

xoxo notrecloset

Anna’s outfit

IMG_5779 copyIMG_5793 copy IMG_5802 copyIMG_5812 copy IMG_5825 copyIMG_5834 copy IMG_5837 copyIMG_5841 copy IMG_5843 copyIMG_5852 copy IMG_5853 copyIMG_5858 copy Backpack – H&M , Sunglasses – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

Maria’s outfit

IMG_6063 copyIMG_6136IMG_6150IMG_6068 copyIMG_6138IMG_6069 copyIMG_6077 copyIMG_6140IMG_6101 copyIMG_6114 copyIMG_6122 copy Necklace – Topshop , Bracelet – Pandora , Heels – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores



  1. Maria! Your outfit is gorgeous! The necklace under the collar…wow!!
    And I love Anna’s cardigan, it looks super comfy 🙂


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