Enjoying the colorful stairs

IMG_6519 Boyfriend jeans are a trend that seems to be growing strong, and they’re fashionistas favorite all over the world. There are plenty of different ways to wear them. We showed earlier some posts related to ways to rock them jean. As of today, we are going to show you how to be elegant and casual with these men-inspired denim pieces 😉 When it comes to ways to wear boyfriend jeans, the most classical is Denim and a white shirt. Rock your Bronx on your feet, put some music on and voila: you are ready! No boyfriend jeans in your wardrobe yet? Get a pair NOW!! 😀

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6491IMG_6545IMG_6494IMG_6553IMG_6547IMG_6527 IMG_6510IMG_6548 IMG_6512IMG_6526IMG_6562IMG_6560IMG_6542IMG_6534IMG_6552IMG_6567 Jeans – Zara , Tshirt – H&M , Blazer – H&M , Hat – H&M , Shoes – Bronx ,


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