GS outfit 2 : Striped blue blouse

Untitled-1Good morning Girls! Missed The GS challenge? We are coming back this week with “notrecloset ❤ GS” second post 😉

For our #2 outfit: 
The destination:
 coffee break
The item: blue striped shirt!

As discussed before, we will be demonstrating how we can wear ONE item in different styles and combinations! The striped blue shirt is a stylish/office-type element. by combining it with some elegant YET colorful shorts and heels, you create an edgy,chic and glamorous look. By combining the same shirt with a sporty and monochromatic skort and black Bronx on your feet, you are taking the fresh and energetic direction! The accessories show your “love-for-details” side and make you look more feminine in whatever style you are dressed in 😉 Do not forget your bags and lets go for a coffee break! 😉

xoxo notrecloset

Maria’s outfit :

IMG_6373IMG_6280IMG_6411IMG_6406IMG_6364IMG_6254IMG_6389IMG_6358IMG_6271IMG_6393IMG_6299IMG_6356IMG_6343  Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Rings – Topshop , Pumps – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores

Anna’s outfit :

IMG_6420IMG_6468 IMG_6425IMG_6430IMG_6450IMG_6441IMG_6455IMG_6474 IMG_6459IMG_6485IMG_6489IMG_6463   Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

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