Moscow post #3 – adventure in the country-side



Today we ll share with you a great “country – day” from our holiday in Russia. It was amazing. The nature, the clouds, the smell of the ground, the small houses and cows hanging around 😀 What to wear for this journey ? Easy, see it for yourself 😉

1- you need to go for casual and ultra comfy outfit

2- sport shoes always

3- long shirts – choose light colours for summer

4- choose your casual shorts to complete your outfit

Now you are ready! Let’s shoot 😀

xoxo a bientot 😉



Crush of the week

Today , I ll share with you a list of my best items for this summer :

IMG_8968 1- Creative shoes ! Espadrilles with prints are my favorites …  Try new items this season : it’s the best time to experiment !!! IMG_8984 2- My super cool denim shorts 😀 I can’t live without them anymore !!! Easy to wear and style : a must have for traveling 🙂IMG_8988 3- My  amazing two pieces swimsuit from Topshop : jungle colors look great this summer ! Oh and hight waist are still very trendy 🙂IMG_8993 4- Summer del ice and activities : read fashion blogs, magazines and follow the trends creating the style that describes only you 😉IMG_8999 5- Cool summer shirts : go for light and white colors – they will look perfect on your tanned summer skin 😉

Moscow post #2 – Let’s take a walk

IMG_8825Good morning Chicas 😀

We find it very difficult to have a bad day when wearing a pretty auburn dress. In earlier posts we showed the feminine and elegant side. Today we will show how to make that same dress look casual. First of all, try to play with it: change the length of the sleeves; make them shorter. You need to combine the appropriate accessories: go for chains 😉 Do not forget your sports shoes which will underline the comfy side of the outfit. hat and back pack picked … YOU are now ready for long walks from morning till night ;D

xoxo vote for the comfortable outfits when in Moscow 😉IMG_8832IMG_8835IMG_8844photo 1 IMG_8836IMG_8854IMG_8870IMG_8839IMG_8871photo 2IMG_8842IMG_8866IMG_8879 Dress – Topshop , Espadrilles – H&M , Hat – H&M , Backpack – H&M , Necklace – Accessories , Sunglasses – Topshop

Vacation favorites

Checklist: 9 Things You Must Have in Your “holiday” Bag This Summer

It’s Summer-time! Time to say hello to sunshine, vacation, traveling and parties till morning! Wait, are we really ready for all of that? Here is the quick checklist of 9 summer-spiration you must have in your bag, to be ready and stay fashionable this summer:

IMG_7682– my favorite necklace from H&M that I was wanting for months , and that turns all my outfits to elegant and chic ones

– iriver ebooks reader that I carry everywhere !!! The city is big, the distances are huge, so I spend a lot of time in metro and trains … Why not read something interesting ?

– L’Oreal Paris Color Riche nail polish that I bought while staying in Moscow. I think this is just the perfect colors for Spring and Summer. 602 PERLE DE JADE: This color is so beautiful, fresh and contemporary. Also called the Tiffany color. 305 DATING CORAL: Coral is the new red. It is such a deliciously fresh hue and very refined.IMG_7686IMG_7690IMG_7692– Fashion magazines to stay always updated 🙂

– My favorite sunglasses from Topshop that I m always wearing non stop. I just love it color that goes perfectly with everything 😉

– Golden rings !!! You probably had figured out that I m really crushing over these tiny golden accessories.IMG_7701IMG_7717IMG_7720– L’Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Spray Volume is specially adapted to my volumizing blow-dry routine with heated appliances. I really like this product, it protects my hair from the heat. My hair stays shiny and soft like satin!! Plus it eases to create a voluptuous bouncy blow-dry and fix the style for 2 days at least.

– Victoria’s Secret Passion Struck hydrating body lotion , I like this lotion because it has a fresh soft feeling, leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated as well as smelling great.

– MacBook Air to always sharing with you all my adventures and fashion updates !!!IMG_7723IMG_7724…. now you are ready to go out 😉 ENJOY YOUR TIME and remember summer memories are the greatest 😀

xoxo notrecloset


Moscow post #1 – When White meets Floral


Happy monday everyone. We want to share with you some news: The first one is that Maria got her vacation and is spending it in Moscow; Anna, has work related issues and can’t take a vacation now 😦  So, basically the posts are going to take place in Russia, and Maria will be the correspondent 😉

We will show you Moscow city and the great amazing places and stories… so stay tuned 😉

Arbat street : “mainly referred to as the Arbat, is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical centre of Moscow. The Arbat dates since at least the 15th century, thus laying claim to being one of the oldest surviving streets of the Russian capital. It forms the heart of the Arbat District of Moscow. Originally the street formed part of an important trade route and was home to a large number of craftsmen.”

One of the best outfits for long walks in such a beautiful place is: cropped floral top and white skort. You have apparently seen each piece alone in our previous posts. So we combined the 2, they matched perfectly and created an amazing Fresh and New look. You definitely need comfortable sports shoes to be able to walk for hours and a simple white blouse. DO NOT forget your cams ladies!! 😉

xoxo notrecloset, cant wait to share with you our next photoshoots!! 😀

IMG_7874IMG_7974IMG_7927IMG_7912IMG_7943IMG_8009IMG_7886IMG_7940IMG_7917IMG_7960IMG_8000IMG_7923IMG_7934IMG_7946IMG_7955IMG_7985IMG_7933IMG_7966 Skorts – H&M , Crop top – Bershka , Blouse – H&M , Bag – Zara , Espadrilles – H&M ,

Calm blue

IMG_7604 Hello Ladies ! Here it is again, another post about weddings 😀

This time we opted for a total different look with a breathtaking wrapped like dress in a baby blue color ! This color will make you look very soft and feminine, so don’t overdo with your make up 😉 And keep in mind that this type of dress needs a good shaped body, unless you will look funny … Accessories it with a big silver necklace full of gem and different shaped rings . Keep it simple on your feet, nude sandals will do excellent work 😉 And you are ready to go !!!!

xoxox notrecloset

IMG_7611IMG_7666IMG_7637IMG_7663IMG_7614IMG_7627IMG_7660 IMG_7615IMG_7655IMG_7635IMG_7649IMG_7650 Dress – Topshop , Heels – Zara , Rings – Topshop , Necklace – H&M

Classy evening

IMG_7570Weddings Weddings … We have plenty in SUMMER 😀 Whats the best outfit for such occasions? Well, for today we chose a short elegant dress. The corset underlines the body and show the extra-feminine side! Heals always Heals for weddings: Try to be longer, thinner and more elegant! Hair and make-up not to overdo with them- they depend on the type of ceremony you are going to 😉 So, Ladies, don’t forget to shine in all weddings and take lots of selfies 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_7596IMG_7603IMG_7577IMG_7599IMG_7579 IMG_7595IMG_7598 IMG_7593IMG_7601 IMG_7588 IMG_7585    Dress – H&M , Heels – Centro Russia , Necklace – H&M

Blue texture

IMG_7020Good morning babes ! Friday is finally here and week end is just few hours ahead 😉

For such beautiful sunny summer we are ready to wear shorts everyday :p Colored shorts are trendy and stylish, so to change from denim cloth, vote for them. a white top will go perfectly with them: keep it simple. Add some accessories and change your hair-style 😉 Voila ready to meet your friends!

xoxo notrecloset , enjoy your happy week-end.

IMG_7032IMG_7034IMG_7045IMG_7070IMG_7040IMG_7044IMG_7078IMG_7052 IMG_7066IMG_7076IMG_7086 Shorts – H&M , Top – Topshop , Espadrilles – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – H&M