GS outfit 4 : Black shirt – Maria’s style

7 Wednesday is here, which means week end is getting closer 😉

Last time, we splitted the notrecloset ❤ GS post in 2 and we decided to keep it up like that.

For our #4 outfit: 

The destination: spending an amazing sunday home (garden) with friends

The item: the black blouse!

Maria’s choice was the soft red pants which create an amazing contrast with the black elegant blouse! The outfit amazingly underlines the very feminine comfortable side of the look. The golden necklace plays a wonderful role of perfecting details. Hair in pony tail gives the “home-style” impression. don’t forget your sunglasses and voila: who wants more coffee?

xoxo notrecloset, stay tuned for the second part of notrecloset ❤ GS outfit #4.

IMG_7267IMG_7278IMG_7416IMG_7284IMG_7460IMG_7428IMG_7480IMG_7503IMG_7429IMG_7528IMG_7510IMG_7518IMG_7467 Necklace – H&M , Heels – Stradivarius , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Other – GSStores


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