GS outfit 4 : Black shirt – Anna’s style

dsHappy Friday chicas !!! finally we can smell the week-end ;p

Today we will continue part 2 of notrecloset ❤ GS outfit #4 .But before, lets remember what was the challenge:

For our #4 outfit: 

The destination: spending an amazing sunday home (garden) with friends

The item: the black blouse!

Anna’s choice fell on the black lace shorts. combining 2 same-color items might be sometimes hard because you need to balance between the diffrent textures, nuances, material and style. luckily, this elegant blouse went perfectly with the dark shorts, making the outfit more light, more feminine and more edgy. Heels add more elegance to the whole look (but in this case you can put on some sandals to make it more comfortable – home-style).Now the outfits were chosen and you are ready, lets serve lunch for your girlfriends 😉

xoxo notrecloset , enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to take care under the sun 😉

IMG_7191IMG_7211IMG_7198IMG_7213IMG_7223IMG_7214 IMG_7221IMG_7247IMG_7232IMG_7242 Heels – Centro Russia , Necklace – H&M , Outfit – GSStores


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