Moscow post #1 – When White meets Floral


Happy monday everyone. We want to share with you some news: The first one is that Maria got her vacation and is spending it in Moscow; Anna, has work related issues and can’t take a vacation now 😦  So, basically the posts are going to take place in Russia, and Maria will be the correspondent 😉

We will show you Moscow city and the great amazing places and stories… so stay tuned 😉

Arbat street : “mainly referred to as the Arbat, is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical centre of Moscow. The Arbat dates since at least the 15th century, thus laying claim to being one of the oldest surviving streets of the Russian capital. It forms the heart of the Arbat District of Moscow. Originally the street formed part of an important trade route and was home to a large number of craftsmen.”

One of the best outfits for long walks in such a beautiful place is: cropped floral top and white skort. You have apparently seen each piece alone in our previous posts. So we combined the 2, they matched perfectly and created an amazing Fresh and New look. You definitely need comfortable sports shoes to be able to walk for hours and a simple white blouse. DO NOT forget your cams ladies!! 😉

xoxo notrecloset, cant wait to share with you our next photoshoots!! 😀

IMG_7874IMG_7974IMG_7927IMG_7912IMG_7943IMG_8009IMG_7886IMG_7940IMG_7917IMG_7960IMG_8000IMG_7923IMG_7934IMG_7946IMG_7955IMG_7985IMG_7933IMG_7966 Skorts – H&M , Crop top – Bershka , Blouse – H&M , Bag – Zara , Espadrilles – H&M ,



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