Moscow post #2 – Let’s take a walk

IMG_8825Good morning Chicas 😀

We find it very difficult to have a bad day when wearing a pretty auburn dress. In earlier posts we showed the feminine and elegant side. Today we will show how to make that same dress look casual. First of all, try to play with it: change the length of the sleeves; make them shorter. You need to combine the appropriate accessories: go for chains 😉 Do not forget your sports shoes which will underline the comfy side of the outfit. hat and back pack picked … YOU are now ready for long walks from morning till night ;D

xoxo vote for the comfortable outfits when in Moscow 😉IMG_8832IMG_8835IMG_8844photo 1 IMG_8836IMG_8854IMG_8870IMG_8839IMG_8871photo 2IMG_8842IMG_8866IMG_8879 Dress – Topshop , Espadrilles – H&M , Hat – H&M , Backpack – H&M , Necklace – Accessories , Sunglasses – Topshop

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