Palm leaves

IMG_9592Hello ladies,

Jumpsuits are one of the best trends this summer! They are chic and simple. You can wear them for dinner as for a casual rendez-vous 😉 Short jumpsuits are funkier! they show your playful character and happy mood. Choose your appropriate fabric: go for animal and floral prints as they are the best this year ;)Short Jumpsuits are meant to flatter every occasion this summer season. Do not hesitate can give it a try.

xoxo notrecloset … end your summer with this amazing look 😉

IMG_9541IMG_9584IMG_9530IMG_9589 IMG_9590IMG_9544IMG_9553IMG_9576IMG_9528IMG_9573IMG_9546IMG_9569IMG_9602IMG_9567IMG_9532IMG_9563IMG_9557IMG_9537IMG_9582 Jumpsuit – H&M , Espadriless – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – Topshop , Backpack – H&M


Grey maxi

IMG_9263Happy Monday fellas!

Hope you are all well-tanned so far, summer is ending soon 😦 What do you think of a casual long dress. We guess it is awesome for long summer walks and activities: meeting with friends, walking on the beach and even dancing at night in some nice pub 😉 How to choose the appropriate shoes? you can go for the sandals: Show your beautiful toes, it will make the look lighter and charming. Let your hair down, summer-beach style. Do not forget your shades, they will put some character in the whole outfit! Long dresses can be monochromatic and colorful, choose the one that fits your mood 😉

Now, ready to conquer the hearts? make this summer unforgettable 😉 good luck !

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_9246 IMG_9257IMG_9280IMG_9354IMG_9303IMG_9347IMG_9273  IMG_9286IMG_9316IMG_9341IMG_9245 IMG_9319IMG_9336 IMG_9364IMG_9389 Dress – Topshop , Sandals – Zara , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – Topshop , Backpack – H&M

Casual street walk

IMG_9083Hello there 😉

It’ s too sad that the vacation is over and the happy plans became amazing memories …  So for today we will be posting a casual denim outfit that we took in the sunny St Petersburg 😉 Denim shorts are always the best solution for long walks under the hot sun ! Pair them with a cool shirt ( you can opt for an elegant one ) and comfy shoes ( in my case it’s my so beloved espadrilles ) . For a more elegant look, we added a gold textured kimono and gold chain necklace. It will make the outfit more feminine and chic … And what a walk without a rocky leather backpack !!!

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_9081IMG_9126IMG_9052IMG_9219IMG_9042IMG_9118IMG_9104IMG_9073IMG_9114IMG_9103IMG_9089IMG_9101IMG_9086IMG_9040IMG_9013IMG_9058IMG_9074 Denim shorts – Pull & Bear , Shirt – H&M , Espadrilles – H&M , Kimono – H&M , Backpack – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – Topshop

St Petersburg – Day 4

2Hello amigos 😉

Today we will share with you the amazing adventure in the heart of the great Hermitage Museum ! To begin with , Hermitage is just so huge … It consists of 6 buildings … Sincerely I had forces just to visit only two floors from one building !!! But like you will see in the photo agenda of day 4 , Hermitage have a lot of amazing and breathtaking architecture 😉 So much gold, details, sculptures … and ceilings ❤ The ceiling itself is a piece of art . Hope you will enjoy the photos and this will be the reason why you will travel to St Petersburg your next trip 😉

xoxo notrecloset

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St Petersburg – Day 3


Good morning amigos, hope you are doing well today 😉

Today we will show you one of the best palaces in St Petersburg ; Ца́рское Село́ Tsarskoye Selo … Just don’t have words to describe this beauty, check it by yourself 😉

xoxo notrecloset

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St Petersburg – Day 2

photo 5 copyGood morning 😀

Today we will continue posting about the amazing trip to St Petersburg!  Our day begun with the visit of Church of our Savior on the Blood –  Храм Спаса на Крови  with it’s splendid architecture and richly decorated façade details … The wow factor was located between the walls of the cathedral , where all the walls were covered with mosaic !!! And other thing that you must see is the St Petersburg at night and the opening of the bridges all along the Neva river ❤ It’s just breathtaking !!!! So we hope you ll explore St Petersburg a lot more through this daily photo agenda 😉

xoxo notrecloset

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St Petersburg – Day 1

photo 4Good morning everyone !

We had an amazing week-end, hope you guys enjoyed it too 😉 We continue to fill our blog with the best summer experience: St Petersburg tour.

St Petersburg has always been a city of ideas. Nowadays, this city’s citizens are breaking down the barriers of generations past and exploring new ideas, investigating the possibilities of consumerism, creativity and career. It’s not only Rastrelli’s architecture and Tchaikovsky’s operas that entice visitors, but also beatnik bands, edgy art galleries, underground clubs and delectable dining. St Pete’s bohemian side gives a glimpse into the 21st century!

St Petersburg is legendary for its White Nights: those long summer days when the sun barely dips below the horizon. So here are some amazing pics from the first day in this beautiful city : architecture , rivers , boats … everything to enjoy the stay 🙂

xoxo notrecloset

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Moscow post #5 – Blue inspiration

IMG_8238 Happy Friday dear chicas!

What’s the best solution to beat the heat? Book an amazing boat trip around Moscow River… Perfect! 😉 Get your comfy sexy denim shorts. Rock your black and white “EPIC WEEKEND” shirt. wrap all of the outfit with a blue blouse to match the marine colors 😉 Glasses on, hair free in the wind and voila: ready to dive in the adventure 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_8195IMG_8278IMG_8404IMG_8230IMG_8384IMG_8304IMG_8427IMG_8396IMG_8333IMG_8295IMG_8419IMG_8256IMG_8297IMG_8373IMG_8232IMG_8335IMG_8245IMG_8390IMG_8260IMG_8418IMG_8236IMG_8378IMG_8267IMG_8281IMG_8317IMG_8386IMG_8430 Denim shorts – Pull & Bear , Top – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Espadrilles – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – Topshop ,