St Petersburg – Day 1

photo 4Good morning everyone !

We had an amazing week-end, hope you guys enjoyed it too 😉 We continue to fill our blog with the best summer experience: St Petersburg tour.

St Petersburg has always been a city of ideas. Nowadays, this city’s citizens are breaking down the barriers of generations past and exploring new ideas, investigating the possibilities of consumerism, creativity and career. It’s not only Rastrelli’s architecture and Tchaikovsky’s operas that entice visitors, but also beatnik bands, edgy art galleries, underground clubs and delectable dining. St Pete’s bohemian side gives a glimpse into the 21st century!

St Petersburg is legendary for its White Nights: those long summer days when the sun barely dips below the horizon. So here are some amazing pics from the first day in this beautiful city : architecture , rivers , boats … everything to enjoy the stay 🙂

xoxo notrecloset

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