St Petersburg – Day 2

photo 5 copyGood morning 😀

Today we will continue posting about the amazing trip to St Petersburg!  Our day begun with the visit of Church of our Savior on the Blood –  Храм Спаса на Крови  with it’s splendid architecture and richly decorated façade details … The wow factor was located between the walls of the cathedral , where all the walls were covered with mosaic !!! And other thing that you must see is the St Petersburg at night and the opening of the bridges all along the Neva river ❤ It’s just breathtaking !!!! So we hope you ll explore St Petersburg a lot more through this daily photo agenda 😉

xoxo notrecloset

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  1. St. Petersburg is the best city in the world. Make sure to not miss Peterhof Park and Catherine Palace. 🙂


      1. I worked there for 2, 3 years but didn’t visit the city since 2011. Should go asap for sure 🙂

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