Palm leaves

IMG_9592Hello ladies,

Jumpsuits are one of the best trends this summer! They are chic and simple. You can wear them for dinner as for a casual rendez-vous 😉 Short jumpsuits are funkier! they show your playful character and happy mood. Choose your appropriate fabric: go for animal and floral prints as they are the best this year ;)Short Jumpsuits are meant to flatter every occasion this summer season. Do not hesitate can give it a try.

xoxo notrecloset … end your summer with this amazing look 😉

IMG_9541IMG_9584IMG_9530IMG_9589 IMG_9590IMG_9544IMG_9553IMG_9576IMG_9528IMG_9573IMG_9546IMG_9569IMG_9602IMG_9567IMG_9532IMG_9563IMG_9557IMG_9537IMG_9582 Jumpsuit – H&M , Espadriless – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – Topshop , Backpack – H&M



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