Black Trilby Hat

IMG_0730One of the positive facts in living in Beirut is the wonderful weather. It seems always sunny and winter is around the corner.  So we know for sure that Cut off denim shorts will stay in our wardrobe for another month 🙂 Those ripped shorts have a careless character and this careless factor made an important fashion piece out of them for 2014. They can be worn in the most casual or the most sophisticated ways. All kind of blouses and shorts, with different colors, textures or prints can be combined with a pair of those denim wonders. You can wear sneakers with them, flats or even heels, it all depend on the style you want, the place you are going to and your mood 😉 We paired this wonderful denim piece with a long see-through elegant blouse. The black hat and leather heels made this outfit appropriate for autumn. Do not forget to accessorize your look with a nice transparent bad and some necklace. SO LADIES, wear them shorts fearless and kick back in style!

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_0696IMG_0747IMG_0773IMG_0790IMG_0765IMG_0799IMG_0804IMG_0736IMG_0708IMG_0815IMG_0720IMG_0740IMG_0770IMG_0781Blouse – H&M , Shorts – Pull & Bear , Necklace – H&M , Hat – H&M , Heels – H&M , Bag – Stradivarius



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