November diary

November was really fast this year. It was unexpected and full of surprises. Sunny days vs rainy ones, silent mornings vs wild nights. glasses of rose vs whisky bottles.We were confused with what to wear and were to go.It was cold, hot, some kind of joke definitely ;p

Lots of events took place in November, and here is a post which summarizes our last activities for this month:

First of all, opening of Cork living: it was a nice event, amazing space, comfortable furniture and creative accessories which come from Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Portugal. it was a beautiful and interesting night: champagne, flashes, and guests, everyone smiling, talking … Happiness 😉IMG_7372IMG_7302IMG_7317Untitled-2IMG_7303IMG_7343IMG_7304IMG_7305IMG_7306IMG_7314IMG_7307IMG_7309IMG_7316IMG_7320IMG_7321IMG_7323IMG_7326IMG_7344IMG_7327IMG_7328Second event was the XLeyelash from Swisscare: promoting healthy, natural lashes and brows. It was elegant and warm, now time for our lashes to get stronger and longer : YALLA!! 🙂BNK_3513IMG_7198IMG_7200Third event was the opening of Gas Bijoux new collection – it was a wonderful night , cozy and friendly atmosphere. So you hadn’t figured out what to get on Christmas ? try Gas Bijoux , the new chic and fabulous collection is now available 😉IMG_6865IMG_6908IMG_6970IMG_7094Fourth event was the awesome blogger’s reunion: Finally the dream came true :p We enjoyed the night at Bar Tartine with the most beautiful girls in lebanon Laughing, discussing and sharing thoughts. IMG_7341FullSizeRenderNovember didn’t end yet and the warm invitations and events are still on. Birthdays, parties and gatherings… For us to always remember to live in the moment and enjoy life today:D

xoxo notrecloset



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