Fitness essentials


Hello everyone 🙂 Today will be a very quick view about the sportswear that I have . If you are following my personal account on instagram @i_mashaa , you can easily say that I’m kinda a gym freak :p I spend a lot of time doing workouts especially for my abs, my inner thighs and my butt of course…  To tell you the truth , I really have difficulties finding a fit pair of leggings or shorts, I think I’m so skinny that even the XS are too big . But for my luck I still found these pieces that I have ( don’t ask me how ) 😀 I have the same problem with the shoes , I wear 35,5 , so not every models have these sizes and especially in Lebanon where the small sizes are no existing . I bought these two shoes from Moscow 🙂 And for the tops , I only wear Nike because it is the only design that match my flat forms :p So girls go to gym , do workouts … it’s good for your health and … Summer is near 😉

xoxo notrecloset


One Comment

  1. great essentials! honestly fitness clothes are half the fun 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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