White Dream

IMG_4184Good morning 🙂

Yeeeeey I’m finally posting a new outfit 😀 These past weeks was very busy and I got to travele to Dubai , so didn’t have time at all to refresh my blog, and for that I’m really sorry :/ And YES I cut my hair for a change 😀 These photos were shot in the hotel room in Dubai where I stayed for 5 days ( Ibiss Al Barsha hotel ) ; Summer is in the air , the sun is shining high, what can be better than an all white outfit 😉 Combining the same color with different materials is always my favorite, I always like experimenting with one color this way it get more interesting and challenging 😉 So I hope you like the look , tell me what do you think ?

xoxo notrecloset IMG_4157IMG_4185IMG_7424IMG_4166IMG_4198IMG_4222IMG_7251IMG_4207IMG_4213IMG_7250Shirt – Zara , Shorts – H&M


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