When in Cyprus

Hello guys 😀 Today we wanted to share with you the favorite moment of this summer , the trip to Cyprus where our friends got married 🙂 It was one of the best trip ever because we finally made it all of us and by us we mean 13 people 😀 So congrats again to the lovely couple ❤ ❤ ❤ xoxo notrecloset IMG_0230IMG_0589IMG_0590IMG_0328IMG_0379IMG_022211070500_10205132619139044_4758487970662373808_oIMG_9833IMG_0265IMG_9990IMG_0417IMG_0697IMG_0331IMG_0354IMG_0228IMG_0261IMG_0370IMG_9886IMG_0764IMG_0235IMG_0739IMG_9846IMG_0304IMG_0342IMG_0366IMG_0373IMG_0687IMG_9910IMG_0695IMG_0383IMG_0396IMG_0748IMG_0792IMG_9798IMG_9844IMG_9946IMG_9957IMG_9973IMG_0756IMG_9802IMG_9977IMG_9983IMG_0403IMG_9998IMG_0318IMG_0003


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