#7 Earth Colors


Finally our last outfit for the 7 by 2 Challenge. We chose a fresh look, based on earthy colors that are en vogue this season.

The shirt under the sweater brings elegance and underlines the masculine side of fashion. Notice the sweater in a mix of two textures: leather and knits : best combination this winter. Put on some heals to create contrast and show the feminine side of your look.  A nice bag and necklace in the same tonality will go perfectly with this harmonious choice!  Voila, our challenge is accomplished now. Hope you liked the experiment and were convinced that fashion is not only about buying shirts, jeans, shorts and dresses, it’s also about the art of combining different pieces and mix them with accessories and shoes 😉

Creativity has no boundaries!! 😀

IMG_2693 IMG_2696 IMG_2708 IMG_2686 IMG_2699 IMG_2688 IMG_2705Jeans – Pull&Bear , Blouse – H&M , Sweater – Zara , Necklace – Parfois


#6 Simple Spring Look

IMG_2722Good morning amigos!

Well it s raining again in Beirut and snowing at Faraya 😀 Lebanon, dear Lebanon, you are so unpredictable!

For #6 outfit of our 7 by 2 CHALLENGE, we have prepared for you a tender and soft style! We have used the blouse as a light jacket before, but this time we are wearing a long pastel-color elegant and casual shirt under it. Use a simple belt to unify the different layers and make the outfit looks “out of usual”. A big black bag will create some contrast and make the look more “down-to-earth” . You can wear a smaller and lighter bag to stay harmonious with the whole outfit 🙂

Dont forget to use your accessories and necklaces to complete the whole look!

A bientôt dear friends. Stay tuned 🙂

IMG_2734 IMG_2737 IMG_2713 IMG_2733 IMG_2723 IMG_2739 IMG_2730 IMG_2716 Jeans – Pull&Bear , Blouse – H&M , Light blouse – H&M , Belt – H&M , Shoes – H&M , Necklace – H&M





#5 Sporty kinda day


For all those sitting at their offices we can tell you, your missing on some serious tanning. As for now, wherever you are, keep a beautiful smile on your face its the weekend:)

Our #5 outfit of our challenge 7 by 2 will give you a great idea of how to accentuate the sporty spirit in your casual and simple style! Release the blouse over the jeans negligently. wear your favorite sports-shoes and don’t forget to pull your hair in a horse-tail style 😉 The jeans jacket will make your look chic and classy. You just need a BIG BAG to fit all the good mood for the best week-end 😀

That’s all for now folks, we’ll catch you later for our #6 and #7 outfits for this challenge. Peace 😀IMG_2669 IMG_2674 IMG_2662 IMG_2667 IMG_2673 IMG_2660Jeans – Pull&Bear, Blouse – H&M , Shoes – Adidas , Bag – H&M , Jacket – Pull&Bear

#4 Fresh Monochromatic

IMG_2454Happy Friday everyone!

Nothing can make u feel warmer and happier than starting your day with freshness and smile. So for the #4 outfit of our 7 by 2 CHALLENGE, we decided to make it fresh. The task wasn’t easy because the two main pieces have different styles. But you just need to experiment 😉 Make from the blouse a light “jacket” and wear an elegant top underneath it. Wear some heals and voila your outfit can be worn for an evening occasion 😉 You can add a nice clutch in the same “light” and “pastel” theme to complete the monochromatic idea!

Believe that creation has no limits 😀 Still not convinced? Stay tuned for outfit #5 🙂

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_2468 IMG_2463 IMG_2479 IMG_2461 IMG_2480 IMG_2496 IMG_2471 IMG_2477 IMG_2499 IMG_2493Jeans – Pull&Bear , Shirt – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Heels – Centro Russia ,

#3 Black Leather

IMG_2621Helloo beautiful ladies!!!

It s our #3 day of the challenge and we are going for a chic leather outfit .Combine your blouse and jeans with a little black sweater and put on some heals! leather add style and chic! Don’t forget to choose the right hat and bag for your outfit. black color is the perfect match. Don’t use more colors; try to concentrate on your main pieces. Let the accessories be as shadows 😉 Finally add some dark lipstick and voila; Ready to go OUT 😉


IMG_2584 IMG_2633 IMG_2594 IMG_2644 IMG_2623 IMG_2595 IMG_2610 IMG_2641 IMG_2617 IMG_2635 IMG_2629 IMG_2591Jeans – Pull&Bear , Blouse – H&M , Sweater – Zara , Hat – Zara , Bag – Faces , Heels – H&M , Necklace – Parfois , Rings – H&M

#2 Red checkered

IMG_2582Morning beautiful ladies ,

For our day #2 outfit, we used the checkered blouse to create a simple and “country” style outfit. The studded shoes gives a stylish impression and underlines the rocky attitude making the whole ensemble more dramatic. You only need to add a leo textured bag and a hat: country look accomplished 😉 We just need an old classic VW beetle and voila ready for the countryside trip!

Stay tuned for other outfits, xoxo

IMG_2566 IMG_2559 IMG_2563 IMG_2570 IMG_2575 IMG_2568 IMG_2562 IMG_2571 IMG_2574 IMG_2565Jeans – Pull&Bear , Shoes – Zara , Blouse – H&M , Checkered blouse – Bershka , Hat – H&M , Bag – Stradivarius , Necklace – H&M

#1 Elegance


Good morning everyone!

Ready for the challenge 7 by 2 ? lets start… For our day#1 outfit we combined 2 items, the “vedettes” of this challenge with the fluffy cardigan which created a touch of elegance in the whole look. By adding nude heals, we made this outfit classier. It’s not by the main pieces that we judge the style; the accessories and shoes make the difference. Still not convinced? wait for tomorrow’s post with the #2 outfit characteristics 😉

xoxo A plus …

IMG_2522 IMG_2556 IMG_2525 IMG_2517 IMG_2533IMG_2515 IMG_2483 IMG_2516 IMG_2541Jeans – Pull&Bear , Blouse – H&M , Heels – Centro Russia , Cardigan – H&M , Bag – DKNY , Necklace – Topshop , Rings – H&M , Ears Band – H&M

7 by 2 challenge



We were very inspired by the amazing challenge of Maya Shokor from playingwithfashion.com. It was a uneasy task accomplished with success and we are very happy for her 🙂

For us this challenge is a bit difficult to make 😛 so we created our own time limit: one week challenge: use two pieces from our closet for one week and create 7 different outfits by combining and layering them with other pieces and accessories. We named the challenge 7 by 2 🙂

The 2 pieces are : high rise jeans and army green blouse (that you had already seen in our closet earlier 😉 We are really so excited about this new task and can’t wait to share the first outfit with you. Hope you will love the experiment and send us your feedback and support;)

Happy Monday everyone!!

xoxo notrecloset