Lunch at Le Rouge


What can be better than enjoying a delicious steak platter at Le Rouge with mom ? Located at Gemayzeh , Le Rouge is one of our favorite steak house, we really enjoy the ambiance and the quality of food . So don’t hesitate to try it some day 😀 … Bon appetit …

xoxo notrecloset

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Sushi Time !!!

5It’s Sushi Time!

Tuna, salmon, crab, wasabi, soya and ginger… it s easy to make a human being delighted! 😀 Nothing’s better than spending a Wednesday night out with your best people eating sushi. It was long since our last sushi gathering and finally we decided to hit the Japanese heaven!

Lebanon offers a huge number of sushi bars and restaurants. We prefer trying out a different place every time. We never go to the same place twice, unless we are invited of course. :p

Happy Thursday everyone 😉 9 112 5 11 4 7 14 16 15 10 2 6 13 3

Sunday mode ON

13Here we are now in 2014. To be honest, we are so excited about this year. It started off great and it is constantly getting better and better! And what really made this year wonderful is the presence of the VIP people in our lives! Those VIP people are our dear friends and family! Without them we could have never became the people we are now!

This Sunday we spent it road tripping from Beirut to Annaya and back to Byblos where we ended up in a really delicious and fascinating restaurant: KSAR!

We really recommend it everyone, from friends to families, to try it whenever they are in Byblos city .Ksar offers a huge variety of Lebanese food but in it s own menu style that we adored. So if you are somewhere in that area, don’t forget to pass by Ksar!

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Sweet evenings

13Yesterday we went out to spend a nice evening at PAUL – Gemmayze. As we walked in, we encountered Sandra and Karl, our childhood friend and her fiancé and gathered all together inside.

What is really incredible at Paul is that, if you feel like eating or not, you won’t stand a chance against the yummy smell: you must try!

And voila! We were served food, desserts and a wonderful gathering atmosphere. We love that place!

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