Cozy apartment in Athens

Hello everyone !! Finally back on track after a crazy week of freelancing and projects.

Today we wanted to share with you the pics of the apartment we stayed in Athens; it was a very comfy and cozy peace of art where you can read properly the host’s identity ! Black is the dominant color in the space like you can see ,showing the masculine side of the interior ;Dark, muted color palette that induce a feeling of naturalness and comfort to the house . The host was very kind , he showed us around and took us to local places . In all , it was a great experience …

xoxo notrecloset

img_6820img_6798img_6773img_6806img_6802img_6830img_6816 img_6819img_6775img_6824 img_6827


Patel Pink

Morning babes , hope everyone is doing great ! Here in Lebanon the weather reminds us of summer days although it’s already mid November , and the winter cloths are waiting to be worn hanging peacefully in the wardrobe . So let’s remember again the sun , the sand and the sea in this quick post.

xoxo notrecloset


Top – Stradivarius , Shorts – Subdued , Shoes – FOREVER 21 , Bag – Zara

Elegance with boyfriend jeans


As promised before, we are gonna make you fall in love with the Boyfriend jeans tendency. For today, you will see how we can combine the rocky boyfriend jeans with a touch of glamour and femininity 😉 Usually boyfriend jeans go perfectly with all kinds of shirts and footwear, it only depends on your mood 😉 So by mixing it with a nude-color-blouse with paillette and layering with an great blazer, you will get the evening combo 😉 Don’t forget your nude heels, some light lipstick and voila! Ready to rock the night 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6681IMG_6693IMG_6686IMG_6728IMG_6690IMG_6700IMG_6705IMG_6702IMG_6708IMG_6715IMG_6731IMG_6722IMG_6732IMG_6716 Jeans – Zara , Top – H&M , Blazer – H&M , Heels – Centro Russia , Clutch – H&M , Necklace – H&M

GS outfit 2 : Striped blue blouse

Untitled-1Good morning Girls! Missed The GS challenge? We are coming back this week with “notrecloset ❤ GS” second post 😉

For our #2 outfit: 
The destination:
 coffee break
The item: blue striped shirt!

As discussed before, we will be demonstrating how we can wear ONE item in different styles and combinations! The striped blue shirt is a stylish/office-type element. by combining it with some elegant YET colorful shorts and heels, you create an edgy,chic and glamorous look. By combining the same shirt with a sporty and monochromatic skort and black Bronx on your feet, you are taking the fresh and energetic direction! The accessories show your “love-for-details” side and make you look more feminine in whatever style you are dressed in 😉 Do not forget your bags and lets go for a coffee break! 😉

xoxo notrecloset

Maria’s outfit :

IMG_6373IMG_6280IMG_6411IMG_6406IMG_6364IMG_6254IMG_6389IMG_6358IMG_6271IMG_6393IMG_6299IMG_6356IMG_6343  Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Rings – Topshop , Pumps – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores

Anna’s outfit :

IMG_6420IMG_6468 IMG_6425IMG_6430IMG_6450IMG_6441IMG_6455IMG_6474 IMG_6459IMG_6485IMG_6489IMG_6463   Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

Strips to rock the summer

IMG_6770 Good Morning amigos !

Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, black and white or in living color, stripes make a graphic statement, day or night. So it’s the favorite pattern for this summer underlining the marine style , especially in a Mediterranean country like Lebanon !!! We styled a black and white outfit to rock the summer with ! It’s all about a striped crop top , a black tight skirt , a pair of amazing pumps in the same color palette and a transparent white bag that you absolutely must have this season 🙂 And don’t forget to accessories your looks , it will make it more chic and sophisticated 😉 Et voila, it’s sexy, stylish, shiny, mini … all what we need for this summer 😀

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6818IMG_6788IMG_6834IMG_6823IMG_6775 IMG_6784IMG_6820IMG_6789IMG_6845IMG_6811IMG_6815IMG_6855IMG_6806IMG_6831IMG_6838 Crop top – Stradivarius , Skirt – H&M , Necklace – Topshop , Bag – Stradivarius , Shoes – Chinese Laundry

GS outfit 1 : White ripped jeans


As mentioned before, We are collaborating with GS and as promised, each week we are posting one challenge under the title of “notrecloset ❤ GS”
For our #1 outfit:
The destination: brunch with the girls!
The item: white ripped jeans!

We created two styles: one sportive and the other glamorous.
We want to show you that it’s not the clothes who define the style, it’s how you wear it and with what u layer and combine it!
Ripped white jeans go perfectly with an elegant white blouse and a white blazer. The “all-white” outfit underlines the freshness and erases the casual look of the jeans to show an amazing feminine side.
Also ripped Jeans can go perfectly with a casual and colorful outfit. If one item is white, doesn’t mean you must go “monochromatic”. Use colors, combine materials and layer the items! don’t forget our beloved bronx 😉
Still not convinced? stay tuned for other experiments in our notrecloset ❤ GS themes 😀

xoxo notrecloset

Anna’s outfit

IMG_5779 copyIMG_5793 copy IMG_5802 copyIMG_5812 copy IMG_5825 copyIMG_5834 copy IMG_5837 copyIMG_5841 copy IMG_5843 copyIMG_5852 copy IMG_5853 copyIMG_5858 copy Backpack – H&M , Sunglasses – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

Maria’s outfit

IMG_6063 copyIMG_6136IMG_6150IMG_6068 copyIMG_6138IMG_6069 copyIMG_6077 copyIMG_6140IMG_6101 copyIMG_6114 copyIMG_6122 copy Necklace – Topshop , Bracelet – Pandora , Heels – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores


Powder pink breeze

IMG_6190 copyGood morning amigos, it’s finally Friday 😀

Summer is all about light colors, going from pink to blue to green and especially the white – so seen  in most of the looks on the runways  !!! So get ready to see a ton of pastels because it’s the ” it ” shade of the season that is dominating the spring/summer fashion trends. We chose the powder pink dress to begin the sunny day with a lot of energy and optimism. Pair it with black belt and heels to add the edgy touch to the look !!! And here it is, a very feminine outfit that you can easily wear for a lot of occasions this summer 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6170 copyIMG_6235 copyIMG_6191 copyIMG_6176 copyIMG_6181 copyIMG_6223 copyIMG_6213 copyIMG_6217 copyIMG_6230 copyIMG_6187 copyIMG_6197 copyIMG_6210 copyIMG_6222 copy  Dress – H&M , Belt – H&M , Heels – H&M

Blue and White to begin the Summer

IMG_5933 Happy Summer amigos 😀

The floral prints continues for the summer. Be prepared to embrace your inner lady with floral print dresses, swimsuits, shoes, and even sunglasses. Like u already saw through our blog, we adore this iconic pattern !!!The next floral trend we decided to cover was the mood for something a little more feminine, like floral cocktail dresses. The light blue and white patterned dress suits very well the atmosphere of the beach season. For more elegancy, pair it with white heeled sandals and a very funky reflective sunglasses. So come on ladies, give floral prints a try this summer too  if you want a touch of beauty and romance in your wardrobe.

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_5889 IMG_5880 IMG_5965 IMG_5910 IMG_5927 IMG_5953 IMG_6008 IMG_5899 IMG_5986 IMG_5907IMG_6026 IMG_5878 IMG_6014IMG_6025 IMG_5946 IMG_6021 IMG_6034  IMG_6018 Dress – Topshop , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – breo (GS Stores) , Heels – Chinese Laundry (GS Stores )