White Streets

Hey everyone 😀 We are finally enjoying the warm sun outside our windows ,but it is still very cold , after all we are in the beginning of November and if you realize Christmas is almost here !!! Still can’t believe how time flies by so fast ! So here another walk between the white streets of Mykonos … This time we chose something more feminine and elegant , but still very comfy and casual ; the soft white jumpshort from Subdued , paired with amazing gold sandals from ZARA . Don’t forget to leave your comment below 😉

xoxo notrecloset


Jumpshort – Subdued , Sandals – ZARA , Necklace – NA-KD , Bag – MANGO


Happy in Mykonos City – part 1

Mykonos is an amazing island with so much to see and do! The beaches are beyond stunning with their turquoise, clear water. The Mykonos town is the nicest and most charming towns of the Greek islands, with endless small streets, shops, windmills, churches, terraces and whitewashed houses.

We stayed 6 nights and we thought we can stay a little more. You don’t get tired from the relaxing mornings near the pool, chilling days at some great beaches and crazy non-ending nights with so much fun and loud music!
Ps: timing is everything when it comes to Mykonos, and depending when you go, you can have very different experiences. There is no doubt it is an EXPENSIVE island to visit, but it is worth it 😉
6 must-do in Mykonos:
– Rent a comfy villa
– Rent a car (no other choice) or atv
– Be aware of the ohlalala-strong “wind” attacks 💪
– Book the night at cavo paradiso club (in our case we didnt miss dj Axwell ) 💃🍻
– Visit lots of beaches such as scorpios, jackiO’, kalua and Hippie-fish
– Eat greek yummy gyros, souvlaki and tzatziki …
– Meet Petro at little venice 😁
– Play awesome pranks at Scandinavian bar and make lots of new friends!
It was fun… You should definitely choose Mykonos as your summer destination next year 😉

White Dream

IMG_4184Good morning 🙂

Yeeeeey I’m finally posting a new outfit 😀 These past weeks was very busy and I got to travele to Dubai , so didn’t have time at all to refresh my blog, and for that I’m really sorry :/ And YES I cut my hair for a change 😀 These photos were shot in the hotel room in Dubai where I stayed for 5 days ( Ibiss Al Barsha hotel ) ; Summer is in the air , the sun is shining high, what can be better than an all white outfit 😉 Combining the same color with different materials is always my favorite, I always like experimenting with one color this way it get more interesting and challenging 😉 So I hope you like the look , tell me what do you think ?

xoxo notrecloset IMG_4157IMG_4185IMG_7424IMG_4166IMG_4198IMG_4222IMG_7251IMG_4207IMG_4213IMG_7250Shirt – Zara , Shorts – H&M

Some changes ;)

IMG_1708Good morning everyone !

We made few changes these couple of days : We are officially two blondes now 😀 Like always Maria takes crazy decisions in everything she does, and hair is not an exception ; so she went totally white-grayish to match perfectly her punk funky style . And yes we know that these kinda of color damages the hair and requires a lot of care and protection , but the result is so fantastic that we are ready to endure all the obstacles and difficulties !! What do you think ?

xoxo notrecloset



Moscow post #3 – adventure in the country-side



Today we ll share with you a great “country – day” from our holiday in Russia. It was amazing. The nature, the clouds, the smell of the ground, the small houses and cows hanging around 😀 What to wear for this journey ? Easy, see it for yourself 😉

1- you need to go for casual and ultra comfy outfit

2- sport shoes always

3- long shirts – choose light colours for summer

4- choose your casual shorts to complete your outfit

Now you are ready! Let’s shoot 😀

xoxo a bientot 😉


Moscow post #1 – When White meets Floral


Happy monday everyone. We want to share with you some news: The first one is that Maria got her vacation and is spending it in Moscow; Anna, has work related issues and can’t take a vacation now 😦  So, basically the posts are going to take place in Russia, and Maria will be the correspondent 😉

We will show you Moscow city and the great amazing places and stories… so stay tuned 😉

Arbat street : “mainly referred to as the Arbat, is a pedestrian street about one kilometer long in the historical centre of Moscow. The Arbat dates since at least the 15th century, thus laying claim to being one of the oldest surviving streets of the Russian capital. It forms the heart of the Arbat District of Moscow. Originally the street formed part of an important trade route and was home to a large number of craftsmen.”

One of the best outfits for long walks in such a beautiful place is: cropped floral top and white skort. You have apparently seen each piece alone in our previous posts. So we combined the 2, they matched perfectly and created an amazing Fresh and New look. You definitely need comfortable sports shoes to be able to walk for hours and a simple white blouse. DO NOT forget your cams ladies!! 😉

xoxo notrecloset, cant wait to share with you our next photoshoots!! 😀

IMG_7874IMG_7974IMG_7927IMG_7912IMG_7943IMG_8009IMG_7886IMG_7940IMG_7917IMG_7960IMG_8000IMG_7923IMG_7934IMG_7946IMG_7955IMG_7985IMG_7933IMG_7966 Skorts – H&M , Crop top – Bershka , Blouse – H&M , Bag – Zara , Espadrilles – H&M ,

Blue texture

IMG_7020Good morning babes ! Friday is finally here and week end is just few hours ahead 😉

For such beautiful sunny summer we are ready to wear shorts everyday :p Colored shorts are trendy and stylish, so to change from denim cloth, vote for them. a white top will go perfectly with them: keep it simple. Add some accessories and change your hair-style 😉 Voila ready to meet your friends!

xoxo notrecloset , enjoy your happy week-end.

IMG_7032IMG_7034IMG_7045IMG_7070IMG_7040IMG_7044IMG_7078IMG_7052 IMG_7066IMG_7076IMG_7086 Shorts – H&M , Top – Topshop , Espadrilles – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Sunglasses – H&M

Stay cool

IMG_7092 Happy Monday everyone !

It was an amazing weekend … and now we’re all ready to kick start a long week of work! Again, we are talking about denim shorts: the perfect companion this summer. The easiest match for them jeans is a sporty shirt, you decide the color – preferably light colors – To make the look more feminine and serious. As shown before – a white blazer does magic 😉 For summer walks, sandals are the best choice 😀  Now you’re ready for the summer vacation 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_7103IMG_7093IMG_7096IMG_7112 IMG_7165IMG_7104IMG_7151IMG_7166 IMG_7111IMG_7172IMG_7157IMG_7175IMG_7114  Shorts – Pull & Bear , Tshirt – H&M , Blazer – Vero Moda , Sandals – Zara , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Necklace – H&M