Through Reflexion

16As you can see no cold winter in Beirut this year. The sun is shining so lets get our dresses back on ladies!

This same dress looks unique on every woman. It depends on the character, the accessories and the combination in which it is paired.  So for this post we wanted to show you how we can transform a very classical dress cut into a rock’n roll outfit.

First tip: wear black boots. A leather jacket will create an edgy accent to the whole look, emphasizing the hard-black fashion. Dark eyes and hair-in-the-air and the mood is just wild… Let’s go Rock’n Roll7 2 copy 15 9 1 6 8 4 10 11 17 5 3 12 14 13Dress – H&M , Leather jacket – H&M , Boots – Sport et Loisir , Bag – Topshop , Necklace – Accessorize , Bracelet – Thomas Sabo


Sushi Time !!!

5It’s Sushi Time!

Tuna, salmon, crab, wasabi, soya and ginger… it s easy to make a human being delighted! 😀 Nothing’s better than spending a Wednesday night out with your best people eating sushi. It was long since our last sushi gathering and finally we decided to hit the Japanese heaven!

Lebanon offers a huge number of sushi bars and restaurants. We prefer trying out a different place every time. We never go to the same place twice, unless we are invited of course. :p

Happy Thursday everyone 😉 9 112 5 11 4 7 14 16 15 10 2 6 13 3

Love NYC

9Good morning from sunny Beirut!

We are preparing our new posts for next week, and we’re so excited about it. Thank you everyone who’s supporting us!

Notrecloset filled our lives with dedication for what we love to do! We are now getting inspired from everything around us and we bring our cameras and mini-closet everywhere we go to road trips, parties, evenings or just simple gatherings.

This outfit shows how cool the urban style can be, it’s classy simple and interesting!

Leather leggings: they are the ‘star’ of this season and no matter when or where u wear them, they will always be in place.

Layering: the best part of choosing an outfit is to combine different range of clothes, materials, colors and textures! For this one, we got a simple elegant transparent shirt and a texturized cool sweater on top of it! The necklace in this case is obligatory, to intensely mark the edge between the 2 elements.

The leo-textured bag goes perfectly with this outfit; it’s always appealing to mix printed items with blank or simple materials! See for yourself 😉IMG_70402014231012126IMG_70412117111378Leather Pants – H&M , Blouse – H&M , Sweater – H&M , Beanie – H&M men, Bag – Stradivarius , Heels – H&M , Jacket – Pull & Bear , Sunglasses – Tom Ford .  

Sunday mode ON

13Here we are now in 2014. To be honest, we are so excited about this year. It started off great and it is constantly getting better and better! And what really made this year wonderful is the presence of the VIP people in our lives! Those VIP people are our dear friends and family! Without them we could have never became the people we are now!

This Sunday we spent it road tripping from Beirut to Annaya and back to Byblos where we ended up in a really delicious and fascinating restaurant: KSAR!

We really recommend it everyone, from friends to families, to try it whenever they are in Byblos city .Ksar offers a huge variety of Lebanese food but in it s own menu style that we adored. So if you are somewhere in that area, don’t forget to pass by Ksar!

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Floral city patterns

4This week was crazy; it’s winter but not that cold. It’s difficult to prepare outfits from day to day the weather is so unpredictable. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend like we did… preparing the upcoming posts, so stay tuned! 😉

As we promised, we are getting back to you with another ‘in-city’ post!

City streets and office work will stop you from wearing dresses most of the time, But a right dress style and texture will go for your advantage! Check how the floral classical dress with simple heals can make you look just charming. You can play with accessories to show your own style and the ‘ME’ in this ensemble.

Dare to experience new items, combine different accessories together, use hats, glasses and clutches and don’t forget to smile – you are beautiful as you are!

17 10 5 7 14 11 12 18 19 1 8 15 2 13 6 9 16 3 Dress – H&M , Coat – Zara , Necklace – Accessorize , Clutch – H&M , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Ankle Boots – Centro Russia ,

Get your knitts out


14Three years ago, we created an epic photo session “in city”, now it is time to take a new one up to our blog. We’re always excited about the urban fashion and style. Our main concerns were finding the appropriate place and the ideal outfits underlining the urban background.

We chose some downtown alleys, the Zaytouna Bay and some modern style areas in Beirut. Places ready, Outfits checked … camera ready!

Our new addition to our blog will be the appearance of “male” characters, and “he” will take the first post of the urban project 🙂 so stay tuned, more surprises are on the way!

Regarding men’s fashion, the post shows how a simple sweater can add an amazing warm, home-style feeling to the outfit. Skinny jeans are the best solution for the urban trend. Check the shoes: classical lace-ups. They demonstrate  the excellent sportive-glamour style! The trend of this season is to have them colored or highlighted by brightly colored laces, neon soles and color-blocked details.3 4 15 13 10 7 2 9 6 11 8 16 1 17Shoes – Aldo , Sweater – H&M , Jeans – Pull & Bear 

Sweet evenings

13Yesterday we went out to spend a nice evening at PAUL – Gemmayze. As we walked in, we encountered Sandra and Karl, our childhood friend and her fiancé and gathered all together inside.

What is really incredible at Paul is that, if you feel like eating or not, you won’t stand a chance against the yummy smell: you must try!

And voila! We were served food, desserts and a wonderful gathering atmosphere. We love that place!

23 16 20 21 8 6 7 171512 11 26141109224524327182

Cotton and Candy

1Caroussel, roller coaster, cotton candy … kids, laugh, FUN. Great ambiance?  Well yes … The amusement park!

Last week, after road tripping to Kfardeyan, we passed by Dream Park checking out the place for some cool backgrounds to shoot.

Perfect combination of colors, amazing mood and sweet cotton candy created the cutest compositions.

The studded dark blue coat and the Tom Ford sunglasses produced an irresistible classy look for this outfit. High heels and leather pants underlining feminism and so, highlighting the light blue shirt. The 3-layers necklace leaves a powerful touch to memorize the ensemble.

We added our yellow clutch to brighten up the outfit!

you can use flats instead of heels, but they should be interesting:  shape or color (you can use bright yellow colors for example). The leather pants can be replaced with skinny classy jeans or pants (preferably with no extra color – dark monochromatic will go perfectly)

Not that into accessories? Now it’s TIME to Get them all out of your closet 😉

30 28 8 3 7 27 2219 2 4 5 24 26 20 13 1625 23 1729 11 10Coat– Zara , Blouse – H&M , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Leather pants – H&M , Heels – H&M , Necklace – Accessorize , Clutch – H&M