GS outfit 4 : Black shirt – Anna’s style

dsHappy Friday chicas !!! finally we can smell the week-end ;p

Today we will continue part 2 of notrecloset ❤ GS outfit #4 .But before, lets remember what was the challenge:

For our #4 outfit: 

The destination: spending an amazing sunday home (garden) with friends

The item: the black blouse!

Anna’s choice fell on the black lace shorts. combining 2 same-color items might be sometimes hard because you need to balance between the diffrent textures, nuances, material and style. luckily, this elegant blouse went perfectly with the dark shorts, making the outfit more light, more feminine and more edgy. Heels add more elegance to the whole look (but in this case you can put on some sandals to make it more comfortable – home-style).Now the outfits were chosen and you are ready, lets serve lunch for your girlfriends 😉

xoxo notrecloset , enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to take care under the sun 😉

IMG_7191IMG_7211IMG_7198IMG_7213IMG_7223IMG_7214 IMG_7221IMG_7247IMG_7232IMG_7242 Heels – Centro Russia , Necklace – H&M , Outfit – GSStores


GS outfit 4 : Black shirt – Maria’s style

7 Wednesday is here, which means week end is getting closer 😉

Last time, we splitted the notrecloset ❤ GS post in 2 and we decided to keep it up like that.

For our #4 outfit: 

The destination: spending an amazing sunday home (garden) with friends

The item: the black blouse!

Maria’s choice was the soft red pants which create an amazing contrast with the black elegant blouse! The outfit amazingly underlines the very feminine comfortable side of the look. The golden necklace plays a wonderful role of perfecting details. Hair in pony tail gives the “home-style” impression. don’t forget your sunglasses and voila: who wants more coffee?

xoxo notrecloset, stay tuned for the second part of notrecloset ❤ GS outfit #4.

IMG_7267IMG_7278IMG_7416IMG_7284IMG_7460IMG_7428IMG_7480IMG_7503IMG_7429IMG_7528IMG_7510IMG_7518IMG_7467 Necklace – H&M , Heels – Stradivarius , Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Other – GSStores

GS outfit 3 : Green floral dress – Maria’s style

IMG_6904 with logoGood morning Chicas!  As we promised before, we split notrecloset ❤ GS post #3, and today we are going to show you the second look.

For our #3 outfit: 

The destination: summer walk

The item: floral dress!

The same print, the same color and the same item (a dress) can look different! It all depends on the cut, what you are wearing it with and how you combine it with accessories. Today’s dress is very stylish, very elegant and in the meantime summer fresh. You can wear it to work, lunch breaks or a lovely romantic evening on the beach 😉 PS: flats will go perfectly with this kind of dresses. If you’re seeking more elegance and femininity, vote for heels (white and nudes are a great match). Have a nice fresh day Ladies, and keep in mind that the same piece looks different on each person. YOU rule your style! 😉

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_6885IMG_6927IMG_6909IMG_6892IMG_6920IMG_6934IMG_6914IMG_6897IMG_6912 Dress – GSStores , Necklace – Topshop , Sunglasses – H&M , Heels – Zara , Bag – Stradivarius

GS outfit 3 : Green floral dress – Anna’s style

wedHappy monday Chicas 😀

Hope you spent an amazing week-end and all ready for a new productive week. Today we present to you a part of our “notrecloset ❤ GS” collaboration series. We really enjoyed this photoshoot so we decided to make 2 posts instead of one for this week 😉 We picked the theme: floral dresses! We all wanted to be “Alice in wonderland” for a day no? This short “tutu” dress we chose did all the magic 😉 It is light, it is beautiful. the floral prints look awesome and the cut is just amazing from the front. Such dresses make you look taller and show off the long legs 😉 Well ladies, this summer will be very hot with GS 😉 Stay tuned on notrecloset

xoxo notrecloset

IMG_7000IMG_6937IMG_7009 IMG_6939IMG_6994IMG_6990IMG_6950IMG_7006IMG_6971 IMG_6984IMG_6995IMG_7012 Dress – GSStores , Necklace – H&M , Bag – Stradivarius , Heels – Centro Russia , Sunnies – H&M

GS outfit 2 : Striped blue blouse

Untitled-1Good morning Girls! Missed The GS challenge? We are coming back this week with “notrecloset ❤ GS” second post 😉

For our #2 outfit: 
The destination:
 coffee break
The item: blue striped shirt!

As discussed before, we will be demonstrating how we can wear ONE item in different styles and combinations! The striped blue shirt is a stylish/office-type element. by combining it with some elegant YET colorful shorts and heels, you create an edgy,chic and glamorous look. By combining the same shirt with a sporty and monochromatic skort and black Bronx on your feet, you are taking the fresh and energetic direction! The accessories show your “love-for-details” side and make you look more feminine in whatever style you are dressed in 😉 Do not forget your bags and lets go for a coffee break! 😉

xoxo notrecloset

Maria’s outfit :

IMG_6373IMG_6280IMG_6411IMG_6406IMG_6364IMG_6254IMG_6389IMG_6358IMG_6271IMG_6393IMG_6299IMG_6356IMG_6343  Sunglasses – Tom Ford , Rings – Topshop , Pumps – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores

Anna’s outfit :

IMG_6420IMG_6468 IMG_6425IMG_6430IMG_6450IMG_6441IMG_6455IMG_6474 IMG_6459IMG_6485IMG_6489IMG_6463   Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

GS outfit 1 : White ripped jeans


As mentioned before, We are collaborating with GS and as promised, each week we are posting one challenge under the title of “notrecloset ❤ GS”
For our #1 outfit:
The destination: brunch with the girls!
The item: white ripped jeans!

We created two styles: one sportive and the other glamorous.
We want to show you that it’s not the clothes who define the style, it’s how you wear it and with what u layer and combine it!
Ripped white jeans go perfectly with an elegant white blouse and a white blazer. The “all-white” outfit underlines the freshness and erases the casual look of the jeans to show an amazing feminine side.
Also ripped Jeans can go perfectly with a casual and colorful outfit. If one item is white, doesn’t mean you must go “monochromatic”. Use colors, combine materials and layer the items! don’t forget our beloved bronx 😉
Still not convinced? stay tuned for other experiments in our notrecloset ❤ GS themes 😀

xoxo notrecloset

Anna’s outfit

IMG_5779 copyIMG_5793 copy IMG_5802 copyIMG_5812 copy IMG_5825 copyIMG_5834 copy IMG_5837 copyIMG_5841 copy IMG_5843 copyIMG_5852 copy IMG_5853 copyIMG_5858 copy Backpack – H&M , Sunglasses – H&M , Necklace – H&M , Shoes – Bronx , Other – GSStores

Maria’s outfit

IMG_6063 copyIMG_6136IMG_6150IMG_6068 copyIMG_6138IMG_6069 copyIMG_6077 copyIMG_6140IMG_6101 copyIMG_6114 copyIMG_6122 copy Necklace – Topshop , Bracelet – Pandora , Heels – Chinese Laundry , Other – GSStores


Introducing collaboration with GS

notrecloset LOVE gs small

Hello Fashionistas !!!

Today we share with all of you a glimpse of our collaboration with GS 😉

The idea is to choose one destination, one item and show how 2 people can create an amazing, appropriate and the most important “DIFFERENT” outfits for the same occasion and the two will look stunning!
We want to show you that it’s not just the clothes which give you your identity, it is how you are wearing them and what you’re combining them with! You are still looking at this skeptically? Well check by yourself 😉

For this interesting project, we will be posting one challenge every week under the “notrecloset  GS” category .

So stay tuned to discover our amazing adventure and experience !!!

xoxox notrecloset